Gluten-Free in Montreal: Mikado Sushi

2014-01-10 20.05.33In my attempt to share safe places to eat gluten-free in Montreal I will include some places that don’t have gluten-free menus (very few places in Montreal actually have gluten-free menus). Mikado is one of the sushi places I have been to that has a real knowledge of gluten-free. They have three locations, St Denis, Monkland and Laurier. I have not been to the Laurier location but felt safe eating at the Monkland and St-Denis restaurants.  In particular the one on St Denis was particularly attentive of my allergy and the waiter knew exactly what I could and couldn’t eat. They were great about substitutions and have gluten-free soy sauce. The sushi is good and their gf awareness makes this a safe place to eat or pick up from (if you are specific about your allergy). I always recommend calling any restaurant before to make sure they they get it. There is nothing worse than when you are made to feel annoying for asking questions, it’s not optional.

In general when eating sushi things to avoid: crabstick, soy sauce, some mayos, tempura and anything battered/fried and some wasabi are the main culprits. I also stay away from soups, salads and terriyakis as they usually have soy sauce.


5515 Monkland
Montreal, Quebec
Tel: 514-369-3659

1731 St-Denis
Montreal, Quebec
Tel: 514-844-5705

Note: There is always a risk of cross-contamination but I only post places I have not had a problem with and that have a clear knowledge of the term gluten-free and cross contamination.


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