Gluten-Free Poutine at Poutineville

IMG_8872 I have loved poutine since my dad gave me my first bite when my moms back was turned as a toddler. While I wouldn’t eat it often it was always a comforting treat a few times a year. Since being diagnosed with celiac disease the only poutines I have eaten have been homemade and that is just not the same. My boyfriend had been looking for gluten-free poutine  and saw online that Poutineville had gluten-free options (he knows the way to win my heart is through my stomach!). We went to the Beaubien location and all their fries and gravies, except the red wine sauce, are gluten-free. Most of their sauces are also vegan. They have a regular menu and a build your own poutine where you choose your favourite potatoes/fries, cheese, sauce, meat and or veggies. I built my own traditional poutine with cheese curds, crushed potatoes and classic gravy. It is great to know us celiacs can also indulge in the ultimate Quebec comfort food at the end of a long night!

Accommodates gluten-free: Yes

Price: $

Gluten-free menu: No

*** I received a comment that the fryer is not dedicated gluten-free so please call in advance and check as they have several different location.  I did not have any problems  at the location on Beaubien when I went but I recommend you ask to make sure***

I currently only review restaurants I recommend.


4 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Poutine at Poutineville

  1. Stephanie Gagnon says:

    I went to Poutineville last night and they told me that the corn dog could be fried with the fries. Their corn dogs contain wheat. Did you know?


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