Gluten-free Sushi at Maiko

gluten-free sushi at Maiko

Maiko was one of my favourite restaurants when I moved back to the West Island for several years. While I don’t go often, the one on Sources Bldv. is delicious and they are great at accommodating gluten-free. My family sometimes orders sushi in for dinner when I visit them in the west and the person who answered the phone the last two times was very knowledgeable about gluten-free restrictions.
My favourites are sashimi, avocado rolls and spicy salmon salmon (without tempura). A double birthday for my friend and I meant two plates of gluten-free sorbet to share. They even have gluten-free soy sauce. A lot of sushi places now have it and this usually (not always) means they are knowledgeable about gluten-free diets.

The ambience is nice and our waiter was great with dealing with my groups range of allergies and food restrictions. Between the 5 of us we had 2 vegans, one celiac and one sensitive to a large variety of foods.  Obviously there is always a risk of cross- contamination. Make sure to explain any allergies to your server and simple options like sashimi are always best.

There is also a location on Bernard (near Parc) if you are in the city.


3339 des Sources Boulevard,
QC H9B 1Z8, Canada

Telephone: 514-684-3131

Accommodates gluten-free: Yes (could depend on your waiter)

Price: $$$

Gluten-free menu: No

I currently only review restaurants I recommend.

gluten-free sushi at Maiko

gluten-free sushi at Maiko




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