Full list of Gluten-Free Restaurants in Montreal

Arepa from Areperas du Plateau

Arepa from Areperas du Plateau

I have been meaning to put together a list of all my go-to gluten-free places to eat in Montreal. I will keep adding new places I find and make it available on my home page. I’m also open to suggestions. This list is in no way comprehensive but aims to list all the 100% GF options and some of the safer bets among ‘regular’ restaurants.

Here it is: Where to Eat Gluten-Free in Montreal

Where to Eat Gluten-Free in Montreal

Here are a few of my favorite places in and around Montreal to eat safe. This list is in no way exhaustive but only includes places where I have had a safe gluten-free experience. Restaurants can change so unless it is 100% GF always call first and ask if they have gluten-free options and always make sure to identify your allergy to your server if you are at a regular restaurant that just caters to gluten-free. There is a trend for some restaurants to mark items as GF on their menu when they really may not be (especially fried food).

100% Gluten-Free Restaurants

There are not many…

Crudessence: Vegan, raw and delicious. This is a great bet for smoothies, kale chips, lasagna and desserts.

3 locations (in the city), $$


Arepera Du Plateau: This casual restaurant in the heart of the Plateau serves traditional Venezuelan food and is 100% GF. Try one of their delicious arepas with their amazing sauces. My favorite is cheese and avocado.

Plateau, $


Ottavios: Not 100% GF but has a 100% GF kitchen and even has dedicated plates and utensils. It is also BYOB and is great option for an affordable family dinner with lots of options for celiacs and non-celiacs.

3 locations (all a little but outside of the city), $$


La crêperie du marché: Casual crêpe stand in Jean Talon market that only uses gluten-free flours to make all their crêpes. They have both savoury and sweet options.

Little Italy, $


Le point sans g: This food truck is open during the summer months and is 100% GF.



100% Gluten-Free Bakeries

Baked to Go: This is my favorite GF bread in the city. Their petits pains and bagels are great. It is rare to find a GF bread you can use to make a delicious sandwich 2 days after buying without toasting the bread.

Plateau or you can order online, $


Le Marquis Sans Gluten: This is the only traditional bakery I have ever been to that is 100% GF. I highly recommend this place for cakes and pastries. They have a 2 display cases filled with amazing pastries and cakes, one case with only dairy free options. I didn’t think I would ever get to have gluten-free éclairs and tarts. They also carry sandwiches, breads and croissants!

Villeray, $-$$


Cookie Stephanie: This little shop in the Old Port has delicious cupcakes, mini cakes and brownies. They have even started making grilled cheeses.

Old Port, $


Patisserie Petit Lapin: All their products are gluten-free and allergen-free.

Westmount, $-$$


Mi & Stu: Also dairy free and peanut free they carry delicious products including delicious challah bread. I would recommend calling in advance if you have a specific order.

Mile End, $-$$


Louise Sans Gluten: This completely gluten-free grocery store and bakery in Dorval is a celiacs dream. Lots of hard to find GF products and fresh baked goodies like donuts and baguettes.

Dorval, $-$$


‘Normal’ Restaurants the GFBFF loves 

These are regular restaurants so there is always a risk of cross contamination but all of these places have been great at accommodating gluten-free. Always make sure to ask questions and make sure the server knows you are celiac.

Toqué: They are great at accommodating a GF diet and the food is delicious. I highly recommend it and it’s definitely one of the best restaurants in Montreal. It is expensive but well worth it (the lunch menu is more affordable).

Old Port, $$$+


Pastaga: Pastaga is a great bet for a nice dinner. Most of the items on their changing menu are already or can be adapted to be GF.

Little Italy, $$$


Aux Vivres: One of my favorites for delicious vegetarian food. They have lots of salad and bowl options.

Plateau, $-$$


Vin Papillon: The few times I have eaten at this trendy wine bar many of the options were GF and most were easily adapted by removing an ingredient. The food was great and fresh with their great wine selection.

Little Burgundy, $$


La Prunelle: A smaller French BYOB that has several gluten-free options and is always happy to make substitutions to make something gluten-free.

Plateau, $$-$$$


I have reviewed a few other places but these are the top places I would 100% recommend.


$$=Medium Priced


Crêpe sucrée- with berries and whipped cream from la crêperie du marché

Crêpe sucrée- with berries and whipped cream from la crêperie du marché

Salad at Toqué

Salad at Toqué

Mussels at Ottavio's

Mussels at Ottavio’s


8 thoughts on “Full list of Gluten-Free Restaurants in Montreal

  1. Celiac Guy says:

    Excellent recap – thanks for doing this! I don’t live in Montreal, but I’ve been wondering how easy it would be to visit and eat out safely while I was there, as I do with any city. I haven’t travelled since diagnosis, but would like to make Montreal my first trip when I resume travelling (I live in the Hamilton-Niagara area). This gives me a great list – I don’t mind only rotating two or three restaurants, and it looks like I can do that very safely. I knew Ottavio was very good for gluten free, but I didn’t realize just how good – a separate 100% gluten free kitchen is amazing!

    I don’t know if you’ve heard, Zero8 is reopening in a different location! Here is the website, there’s limited info there, but it has a link to their Facebook page, which has more info. http://www.zero8.com

    Thanks again for doing this, it is greatly appreciated!

  2. Travis Jordan says:

    Your blog was really helpful when my son and I (both celiac) visited Montreal in June. We tried a few places that you had reviewed and had a great experience. We plan to be back again next summer. Thanks so much!

  3. Martin Gauthier says:


    I’ve been afflicted with the coeliac disease since 2010 and as a owner of two restaurants it was quite an unpleasant surprise. I then realize I could not eat at my own restaurant anymore….
    The following weeks were dedicated to updating our menus to get them as much gluten-free as possible and training our kitchen staff.

    Five years in the process, I’m the proud owner of two almost gluten-free restaurant: L’Auberge du Dragon Rouge, a medieval theme retaurant and le Cabaret du Roy, a pirate den theme restaurant. Both have extensive options or substitutions for the coeliac. I calculate 75-80% of the menu is available including our wild boar sausage, maple glazed pork ribs and many other traditionnaly full of gluten delicacies. We also use some product from the bakery le Marquis sans gluten

    I stil eat four or five time a week at my own places and have never been sick in five years.

    The kitchen staff took it as a challenge, not as a chore and people with all sorts of allergy are treated with the same warm service than those without any allergy.

    Try us for a safe, good and fun night out!

    Martin Gauthier

  4. Johanna says:

    I’m so happy to find your blog! I’ll be travelling to Montreal next month so I’m dying to know where to eat safely, being a celiac myself. I will print out this post for a reference for sure! Thank you for listing these! ♥

    • Kris says:

      The top of the list are the places that are completely gluten free and the point sans g food truck now has a little restaurant! Hope you have a great trip and feel free to send me questions if anything comes up!

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