Zero 8 Restaurant Review



Zero 8 has just re-opened in a new location in Rosemont near my apartment and I decided to try it out last month. To be honest this allergen-free restaurant, formerly on St Denis, wasn’t at it’s best when it closed its last location. So in trying the new location I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well it turns out it is okay. My boyfriend who can eat anywhere wouldn’t go back and I probably won’t unless I am with another person with celiac disease or a serious allergy. I will also note that my boyfriend is not so picky and likes almost everything.

Zero8 has always been a hard place to go with someone with no allergies since it doesn’t serve anything with any of the 8 most common allergens, which includes dairy, nuts, soy and fish. With so many ingredients missing it isn’t the best for people without allergies and the price is quite high. The appetizer above was $10. In total our bill was over $70 with two mains and one appetizer and no drinks or dessert. That would be fine for a special dinner but the food wasn’t amazing, and 70$ without alcohol and tip is quite expensive for on a student budget.

Overall I highly recommend this restaurant if you have a loved one with a severe allergy as the food is decent, the service was good and overall it’s a cute place. But I won’t be taking any of my non-gluten-free friends here for dinner anytime soon since this wasn’t the first time my plus one was not so impressed at this restaurant. I do feel bad writing this as I really want to support local gluten-free restaurants but I think more can be done to cater to a range of needs with more variety and fresh and affordable options.

Accommodates gluten-free:  Yes

Price: $$$

Gluten-free menu: Yes

Duck poutine

Duck poutine


2 thoughts on “Zero 8 Restaurant Review

  1. Kathya Bérubé-Panneton says:

    Hi, I just want to say that Zero8 is for me one of the best restaurant in town where I can go because of my allergies.The menu might be espensive, but it’s also because the food is pricy to make to. So I totally understant your opinion, i’m a student too but when I go to the restaurant I always take a main plate, usually the Pilons de poulet mariné and it costs approximatively 15.95$. With a glass of fresh water, it’s totally abordable for a student. I guess it depends if everybody, but here’s my answer to you opinion that is a bit too hard to take for a student like me who has a lot of allergies.

    • Kris says:

      Thank you for your comment Kathya. What I wanted to say was that it is a great and important option for people with multiple allergies, particularly severe allergies and not a great bet for people without allergies and intolerances for the price. I am also coming from a perspective of of a person with only celiac disease.

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