Copper Branch Restaurant Review


More and more Copper Branch restaurants have been popping up around the city. This chain of vegan fast food restaurants can make almost anything on their menu gluten-free. While there is a risk of cross-contamination it is a much better bet than almost any other fast food options and much healthier as well. All of their menu is focused on whole foods and delicious vegan staples such as 4 veggie burger options (with an option for a gluten-free bun). I  have had the bowls on past visits and they were great.  This past week I had the vegan poutine with mushroom sauce and the Einstein Smoothie which was delicious and verrry filling. My friend tried the chilli and enjoyed it as well.

I have only visited the Bishop location but they now have 7 locations on the Island and 1 in Brossard. The Bishop location is very nicely decorated and is a great place to sit and enjoy your meal, not a typical fast food environment. This is definitely a good bet for a gluten-free smoothie or a quick and healthy meal on the go.


IMG_2504 (1)


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