My favourite gluten-free breakfast


We all have a go to meal or recipe and mine is poached eggs. I love to add them to any meal and they are a great option since they are easy and are a great vegetarian option since I rarely eat meat. As much as I love poached eggs, I really love a lazy weekend breakfast in bed or on the couch with lots of coffee and good company. One of my absolute favourite breakfasts is a gluten-free english muffin with smoked salmon topped with a poached egg. It is super easy and amazingly delicious.

This isn’t really a recipe as it is the simplest thing. All you need is some type of toast or english muffin, eggs and smoked salmon. Just toast a Glutino english muffin while poaching an egg (how to poach an egg).  Once toasted butter the english muffin, top it with smoked salmon and the egg and sprinkle it with a little salt and pepper (or in my case a lot of pepper). Optional: add some green onions and or avocado to the mix. Try it and tell me what you think!





Super Easy Egg & Corn Tortilla Breakfast Wrap (Gluten-Free)

gluten-free egg and tortilla breakfast wrapOne of my favorite super quick gluten-free breakfasts/snacks is this easy kinda omelet wrapped in a corn tortilla. It takes one minute to make and you can fill it with just about anything!

Ingredients for one breakfast wrap:

  • one egg, whisked in a small bowl with a pinch of salt
  • one corn tortilla
  • a small amount of butter or oil for pan (optional if using non stick)
  • For serving: cheese, onion, avocado, herbs, tomatoes…

Heat a pan over medium heat. Heat butter or oil. Pour in the egg and top with the corn tortilla. Once the egg is set flip the tortilla and heat it on the other side. Once cooked to your liking remove from heat and add your cheese and other fillings.

I filled mine with avocado and red onion and served it with hot sauce.

I brought these made in Quebec corn tortillas that are labeled gluten-free at Adonis

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