Gluten-Free Brunch at Café Souvenir


Café Souvenir on Bernard Ouest is a great bet for gluten-free brunch in Montreal. They have several gluten-free brunch options, including toast. They also have several build your own breakfast options. I ordered 2 eggs with gluten-free toast, gluten-free potatoes (their roasted potatoes are always gluten-free) and bacon. My date also had a gluten-free plate including a delicious omelette with green onion, chèvre and bacon with a big bowl of café au lait.

This spot was definitely worth the detour as they are more aware of celiac disease than many other brunch places in Montreal.

Their brunch menu can be found here:

Café Souvenir

1261 Avenue Bernard, Montréal, Québec H2V 3M8
(514) 948-5259

Accommodates gluten-free: Yes

Price: $$

Gluten-free menu: No




Gluten-Free in Montreal: La Fabrique for Brunch

Gluten-Free Breakfast at La Fabrique

I have a new person in my life and they love going out for brunch. I used to love going out for brunch. Pre-celiac disease crepes with raspberry sauce was my go to and brunch with my friends was always a great experience. Post celiac disease brunch became a little scary. Brunch spots can be so busy, have so much bread and so many opportunities for contamination. While on the other hand breakfast at home is pretty easy to make and I make a pretty decent brunch in bed. I have missed plenty of friend brunches eating my eggs and potatoes at home but this new person may have convinced me to attempt brunch out again once in a while. I have always felt comfortable at Aux Vivres which has a gluten-free items marked on their menu but it would be nice to broaden my horizons a bit.

This week we tried La Fabrique on St-Denis, near Sherbrooke Metro. While nothing on the changing menu is marked gluten-free they are very familiar with gluten-free and told me to look at the menu and they would make me something around what I liked.  I chose the Gravlax and they served it on a potato base with a yogurt sauce and they added an egg. I would definitely recommend La Fabrique for brunch if you are in the area but wouldn’t say you should go far out of your way. I also tried it once for dinner and it was great but there weren’t a bunch of gluten-free options since I don’t eat red meat. I ended up having two starters as my meal.

I will keep you posted about my future gluten-free brunch experiences.

La Fabrique 

3609 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2X 3L6

Accommodates gluten-free: Ok

Price: $$

Gluten-free menu: No