Gluten-Free in Montreal: Patisserie Petit Lapin

Le Petit Lapin

Le Petit Lapin is a super cute allergen-free bakery that opened several months ago in Westmount. It is 100% gluten-free, 100% vegan and free of the top ten food allergens. I tried a mini-cupcake which was ok but loved the chocolate dipped donut. I will definitely be going back for the donuts which do not taste like your typical donut but are delicious if you prefer your sweets on the healthier side. I highly recommend this bakery if you want to pick up some treats for someone with multiple allergies or intolerances. Happy to see there are so many more options in Montreal for those of us with allergies/celiacs.

Patisserie Petit Lapin

342A avenue Victoria, Westmount

Phone: 514-507-4077

Le Petit Lapin



Gluten-Free in Montreal: Ottavio’s


Ottavio’s is one of the best options for an affordable family dinner where celiacs and non-celiacs can be equally satisfied and eat safely. It’s also BYOW, which helps keep the cost down if you are dining as a family. While there are no locations in the city, I go the one in St. Laurent several  times a year with my family (including my brother who is also celiac).

This past weekend my Nana treated my brother and I to a dinner out which is always a challenge with our dietary restrictions. A picky Nana and two grandkids with severe allergies (my brother also has a long list of food intolerances) definitely narrowed the options down to Ottavio’s. The food is pretty good and they take extra care to keep all gluten-free food separate from the rest of the kitchen. They even serve gluten-free rolls at the beginning of the meal and use special gluten-free plates and utensils.

This time I had muscles and fries, my brother had pasta with meat sauce and my Nana had her glutenny pizza. Everyone was happy! I definitely recommend Ottavio’s for a celiac safe group dinner.

1134 Boulevard Marcel-Laurin
Montréal, QC
(514) 335-7966

6880 Rue Jean-Talon Est
Montréal, QC
(514) 257-7966





Gluten-Free in Montreal: Invitation V

Vermicelli rice noodles in a creamy curry & coconut sauce with its julienne vegetable, fresh sprouts & coriander

Vermicelli rice noodles in a creamy curry & coconut sauce with its julienne vegetable, fresh sprouts & coriander

Invitation V in Mile End is a vegan restaurant that features many gluten-free items which are clearly marked on their menu. Like most restaurants in Montreal they cannot guarantee no cross-contamination but they paid great attention to the fact that my meal had to be gluten-free. They noted that I was celiac when I made my reservations and when each dish was served they noted what on the table was gluten-free (for the items my friends ordered). The menu is completely vegan, but I think the menu would please most meat eaters.

The restaurant has a good atmosphere, the service was great and the meal was delicious. The only negative was the dessert, the “cheeseless” cake was inedible, which was a disappointment since my friends and I usually love vegan desserts. My two girlfriends and I were happy trying a new place that catered to my allergy and my vegan best friend.

Compared to most restaurants Invitation V takes a lot more care to provide a gluten-free dining experience. I would definitely go back, minus the cake. The prices are about average, the mains were between $14-$18.

I went for dinner, but they also do lunch and brunch.

Invitation V

254 Rue Bernard Ouest,
Montreal, QC, H2V 1T5
(514) 271-8111

Green Salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Green Salad with balsamic vinaigrette

French fries

French fries

New-Orleans crab less cake served with Cajun rice and basilica sauce

New-Orleans crab less cake served with Cajun rice and basilica sauce