Gluten-Free in Montreal: Le Sain Bol


This little brunch spot near the corner of Laurier and Fabre is great at accommodating gluten-free. I haven’t tried it for brunch yet but will keep you posted. You can reserve a spot for a Friday night table d’hote. Dinner at Le Sain Bol made for a cute date spot that was a refreshing change from your average restaurant. I definitely recommend trying this place out. It’s quiet and feels like you are having dinner in the chefs kitchen. We had 4 delicious light courses, all completely gluten-free. It was the perfect fall meal and at $22.50 a person it was a great price for a 4 course gluten-free meal.

Note: I forgot to take a picture of the smoked salmon appetizer before I ate it!

Le Sain Bol

5095 Rue Fabre, Montréal, QC H2J

(514) 524-2292

You can also check out this review in the gazette:

Accommodates gluten-free: Yes

Price: $$

Gluten-free menu: No but almost everything on the menu is gluten-free



The Best Gluten-Free Pancakes Made with Bisquick


The Gluten-Free Bisquick mix continues to surprise me in the best way possible. I made the pancakes from the recipe on the back of the box and they were amazing. I’m pretty sure they were the best gluten-free pancakes I have ever eaten. While most gluten-free pancakes tend to be dense these were light and delicious and tasted super normal. I used butter instead of oil and almond milk. Also, I found it took more milk than the 1 cup in the recipe to get the right consistency. These were too easy to make, just add milk, an egg and a little butter or oil and bob’s your uncle!

I definitely recommend getting your hand on this mix and making these pancakes for the people in your life that have had to eat one too many not-so good gluten-free pancake breakfasts. These will make up for the dry and dense gluten-free pancakes of the past.

I have only seen this mix so far in the gluten-free section of the IGA on St-Catherine.




Gluten-free in Italy: Cinque Terre Region & Liguria

Pizza at Netuno in Rapallo

Pizza at Netuno in Rapallo

Sailing for almost two weeks in Italy with my best friend and her friend sounded too good to be true but I was worried about my diet. Thankfully Italy in general is accommodating to gluten-free diets and my travel partners were amazing in adapting to my diet on the boat and were happy to share gluten-free meals with me at restaurants. As I mentioned in my previous post about Rome, I tried my best to be prepared which included stocking the boat with gluten-free crackers, breadsticks, cookies and pasta. Most of the products in Italy are individually wrapped in portions which was great for eating on the boat. We ate breakfast, lunch and a few dinners on the boat. Pesto pasta was our go to dinner and to simplify things in our mini kitchen we would make gluten-free pasta for everyone or make mine first. My friends were careful and I just had to explain how I couldn’t use the same utensils as were used on bread etc. Gluten-free is difficult in any kitchen, never mind a mini-mini one but keeping things simple made it easier. Luckily my travel partners were up to the task of being amazing GFBFFs and made it a lot easier for me, they even scouted out gluten-free products and found me gluten-free gelato in random places.

As we were moving from port to port each day and had limited access to the internet I wasn’t able to research gluten-free friendly restaurants in advance but found great places to eat in most of the towns we were in. I always say it’s important to try and be easy going and positive when traveling gluten-free. It’s a challenge but with a positive attitude it’s a lot easier to navigate a gluten-filled world.

Overall, Italy was amazing as always and being able to eat and have people understand celiac disease everywhere I went made for a great travel experience.

Delicious pesto pasta made by my GFBFF Andrea

Delicious pesto pasta made by my GFBFF Andrea

Lots of products like this prosciutto were labeled gluten-free

Lots of products like this prosciutto were labeled gluten-free

Even the yogurt was labeled gluten-free

Even the yogurt was labeled gluten-free

Nettuno, Rapallo

We ate at Nettuno twice as the food was great, it was full of locals and they had great gluten-free options including all the pizzas on the menu and most of the pastas. The pizza is made on its own tray to keep it celiac friendly. Both my pizzas were amazing and my travel partners had great meals as well. I couldn’t contain my excitement when we decided to dock here a second night. We got margherita pizzas to go to eat on the boat the next day as it’s an easy meal while sailing.

Pizza at Nettuno


The non-gluten-free 1 meter pizza for my friends

The non-gluten-free 1 meter pizza for my friends

Margherita Pizza on the boat the next day

Margherita Pizza on the boat the next day

La Prua, Lavagna

La Prua didn’t have a million options but I had a great seafood risotto and there were a few other options as well.



The restaurant we chose on the Main street on the water had gluten free penne. It’s good to ask if they have gluten-free pasta when you are walking around looking for a place to eat.


Manarola (Cinque Terre)

In this small town there were two places I saw that had gluten-free faranita. Il Discovolo had an entire gluten-free section and a lot of gluten-free products for purchase. The owner was super helpful and stepped out to explain what what was gluten-free in store and explain how things were kept separate. My friend was super excited by the “gluten-free limit zone” in the display case. I ordered a delicious panini with tomatoes and mozzarella. Riomaggiore also had gluten-free farinita.




Delicious Farinita

Delicious Farinita


Happy waiting for the train with my gluten-free panini from Il Discovolo

Happy waiting for the train with my gluten-free panini from Il Discovolo

Perfect Buckwheat Crepes (Gluten-Free)

Gluten-Free Buckwheat Crepes

I love these buckwheat crepes. They made the perfect brunch for my best friend and her new husband. The recipe below is perfect as is, no changes here. I love Gluten Free on a Shoestring and wish I was a little more patient and innovative when it came to gluten-free baking. I would love to one day make everything on the site! For now I can make crepes!

This recipe makes a great savoury or sweet crepe, it’s quite neutral so fill it with whatever you fancy or top it with lots of maple syrup 🙂





Gluten-Free in Montreal: Patisserie Petit Lapin

Le Petit Lapin

Le Petit Lapin is a super cute allergen-free bakery that opened several months ago in Westmount. It is 100% gluten-free, 100% vegan and free of the top ten food allergens. I tried a mini-cupcake which was ok but loved the chocolate dipped donut. I will definitely be going back for the donuts which do not taste like your typical donut but are delicious if you prefer your sweets on the healthier side. I highly recommend this bakery if you want to pick up some treats for someone with multiple allergies or intolerances. Happy to see there are so many more options in Montreal for those of us with allergies/celiacs.

Patisserie Petit Lapin

342A avenue Victoria, Westmount

Phone: 514-507-4077

Le Petit Lapin


Gluten-Free in Montreal: Café Verdure (Currently CLOSED)

Gluten-Free Veggie Burger

Gluten-Free Veggie Burger

Café Verdure is a great little gluten-free vegan cafe on Mackay, right on top of Crudessence. It’s super affordable and everything I have tried so far is delicious. I couldn’t believe a place serving gluten-free veggie burgers was right near my work and I had no idea! I was very happy to have my delicious burger that was so good I had to double check it was gluten-free!

I have tried the bagel and “cream cheese”, the cupcakes and the veggie burger and all has been great so far. I definitely recommend this place for a quick bite if you are downtown.

Café Verdure

2159 Rue Mackay

(514) 842-2212

Accommodates gluten-free: Yes

Price: $

Gluten-free menu: Yes, everything is gluten-free

Delicious Vegan and Gluten-Free Cupcakes

Delicious Vegan and Gluten-Free Cupcakes

Lots of Celiac Friendly Sweets

Lots of Celiac Friendly Sweets

Gluten-free bagel with vegan cream cheese

Gluten-free bagel with vegan cream cheese

Gluten-Free in Montreal: Baked to Go

Baked to Go Gluten-Free Croissant

I am no longer buying frozen gluten-free bread. Baked to Go is a 100% gluten-free bakery a few minutes from my house on St Laurent above Rachel. To say it’s amazing to have a gluten-free bakery around the corner is an understatement. It’s even more amazing that all their  rolls, bagels, croissants and breads are soft and delicious. The products are fresh enough to eat as is but they also taste great toasted or from the freezer. I much prefer to freeze their bread than buy overpriced freezer burnt bread at the health food store. To add to all this goodness, their products are also affordable considering they are gluten-free.

I personally prefer their bread products. The sweets I tried were good but I can make cookies and brownies at home. It’s bread that I am too lazy to attempt. Their bagels are the best gluten-free made in Montreal bagels I have tried. They were fresh enough that I was able to eat them untoasted two days after buying them, which anyone who is gluten-free would know is a gluten-free miracle. Their croissants are obviously not exactly like the real deal but are pretty close and very delicious. Their fresh rolls (hamburger buns) were amazing with a little butter. I haven’t had a roll that soft and normal since I first went gluten-free over 10 years ago.

I definitely recommend a visit if you are in the downtown area or you can order some of their products online.

4255 Boul. Saint Laurent
Montreal, Quebec
H2W 1Z4, Canada
Tél: 514-844-3232

Baked to Go

Baked to Go Bagels